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Studyladder is a web based program built by teachers to help students of all abilities have fun while learning

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Access the same curriculum based activities that teachers use in the classroom

  • FUN Educational Resources
  • Join over 250,345 parents and homeschoolers who already use Studyladder at home with their children.
  • Covering more than 10 subjects (including Mathematics and English).
  • Auto-marked activities give your children instant feedback with hints and clues when needed.
  • Free Standard access allows your children access to the same resources that teachers use in the classroom.
  • Optional paid "Premium" gives you improved reporting, premium rewards and access to all areas of the site that unpaid students cannot access.

Built by Teachers for Teachers

  • Studyladder provides free school access to thousands of teaching resources covering more than 10 subjects (including Mathematics and English).
  • Awarded 2012 "Best Website for Teaching and Learning".
  • Individual study programs for students of all abilities.
  • Provides students with instant feedback, virtual rewards and certificates.
  • Complete "homework program" using themed Studysheets for grades K to 6
  • Curriculum based learning with over 7,000 learning modules across 10 subjects.
mathematics Mathematics
    • *Number and place value
    • Angles
    • Area
    • Chance and probability
    • Data
    • Fractions and decimals
    • Grade Revision
    • Length
    • Location and transformati...
    • Mass
    • Mathematics Dictionary
    • Mixed Topic - Printables
    • Patterns and algebra
    • Space 2D and 3D
    • Time
    • Volume
literacy Literacy
    • a: Pre-reading Skills
    • b: Reading - Building a F...
    • c: Reading - Bridging th...
    • d: Towards Independent Re...
    • e: Reading - Language De...
    • f: Reading Comprehension
    • g: Grammar
    • h: Spelling and Vocabular...
    • i: Writing
    • j: Handwriting
    • k: Games
science Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry & Materials
    • Enquiry
    • Physics
finance Financial
    • Money and Financial Matte...
music Music
    • Basic music theory
    • Learning about the orches...
    • Learning the Recorder
    • Percussion
art Art
    • Art guides
    • Famous artists in europea...
    • Paint and draw
    • Puzzles and games
& Culture
    • Flags
    • Languages
    • Maps
Safety &
    • Citizenship
    • Staying Healthy
    • Staying Safe