Success builds confidence

Students who enjoy learning are more likely to succeed. We want our students to love learning, feel a sense of achievement and feel proud of their accomplishments!

Rewarding students for hard work

Studyladder makes learning fun. Hard work is rewarded with progress charts, certificates and spending points. Students can have fun designing custom avatars and rewards rooms.

Educational games make learning fun

We provide tutorials, interactive games and activities for practice, and assessments to test knowledge. Our engaging lessons help students become confident in Mathematics and Reading; to become better spellers, better writers and more inquisitive learners!

Key benefits

  • Fun and easy to use
  • Instant feedback
  • Smiley progress charts
  • Certificates
  • Spending Points
  • Custom avatars
  • Custom rewards rooms
  • Can be used on all devices
  • Build knowledge and confidence
  • Be your best!

Key Features

Studyladder helps children achieve better educational outcomes, all while having fun.

  1. Online activities that are fun
  2. Video tutorials, games and assessments
  3. Instant feedback and progress charts
  4. Positive reinforcement and rewards
  5. Custom avatars

Studyladder helps build a love of learning that keeps them coming back for more!