Studyladder is a site that provides educational resources across a wide range of subjects. It was created by a team of experienced school teachers who could not find the resources they needed on-line. It provides parents and teachers with resources to help students learn. Studyladder is now used by over 400,000 teachers worldwide and was awarded the 2012 "Best Website for Teaching and Learning" by the prestigious AASL (American Association of School Librarians a division of the American Library Association). The standard version of Studyladder is free for teachers and parents to use.

Best to see what existing users are saying here.

Yes, Studyladder does include content that is aligned with the curriculum. It also includes many extra resources over and above the curriculum requirements. It has provided these due to specific requests from teachers and homeschooling parents who want more than the curriculums require. Our resources have been developed by experienced classroom teachers who are familiar with the sequence in which subjects should be taught. See our curriculum page.

Studyladder covers many subjects including the major subjects of Mathematics, English and Science. It is primarily designed for younger students but is still used in many High-schools to help older students and adults catch up with the basic skills students need.

Use the link below to find what you need and use the FILTER to locate what type of resources you are after eg videos, tutorials, printables, interactive, whiteboard, presentations, drills… etc

Note: To improve the confidence of students who need to work at lower grades Studyladder does not show grades to any student when they are logged in. If you follow these links you can search by TOPIC or GRADES

Parents and teachers are able to set specific work for smaller groups or individual students. When no work is set Studyladder guides students through each course in the correct learning sequence. If a student finds the work too difficult they are able to move back in the course until they find a level that suits their ability.

Studyladder originally displayed grades to students but after requests from parents and teachers we now no longer shows students the grade they are working at. Students can work at a lower grade to help improve their skills without affecting their confidence.

Studyladder takes a student back to where they last worked for each subject.For example if they last worked on ENGLISH grade 2 then we take them back to the next activity in grade 2 English. If a student finds the work too easy or too hard they are able to jump forward or backwards through the course or even choose the next grade.

The parent or teacher may wish to guide them to the grade that they should be working at (see codes below)

Yes. Studyladder is continually adding material and provides everything needed to help students learn. It provides many resources including...

  • Tutorials and videos to explain concepts
  • Interactive activities to practise new skills
  • Evaluations and tests
  • Printable worksheets to use offline
  • Problem solving activities
  • Number drills
  • Slideshows for whiteboards
  • Project sheets for each week of the year
  • plus many other activities

Your login details will work anywhere in the world. We have different sites for different countries. The lessons and spelling are adapted for the local curriculum. You are able to choose your preferred country (see details below).

Example: Studyladder has a different URL for five of the major English speaking countries. We try to detect your country and direct you to the correct website. For any country not listed below we usually direct users to the .com (USA ) website

  • .com = USA
  • = Australia
  • = New Zealand
  • = Great Britain
  • .ca = Canada

Use the drop box at the bottom of our home page to select your preferred country . If you cannot find this you can visit the URL's below to choose the site you would prefer to use. These will lock you to the chosen website even if your IP address says you are in a different country. eg If you are in the USA but you want the same spelling they use in ENGLAND you would login to the address below

  • USA site: Go in via .com website (USA lessons, spelling and coinage etc).
  • Australian site: Go in via website (Australian lessons and coinage etc).
  • Great Britain site: Go in via the site go in via (GB lessons and coinage etc).
  • New Zealand site: Go in via the website ( NZ lessons and coinage etc).
  • Canadian site: Go in via the .ca website (Canadian lessons and coinage etc).

You are able to access most of Studyladder's resources without logging in.

You can use this search without logging in.

Yes you cannot use Studyladder without having access to the internet.

We have a lite version of Studyladder that uses 30% less bandwidth. Our system will automatically detect that your bandwidth is slow and switch to our lite version.

The lite version of Studyladder will drop most audio sound files and also use lower quality images. This means our activities will load 3× faster.

Yes, Studyladder has always been free to schools. Teachers have free access to all of the resources, their students have standard access during school hours with limited homework access (3 activities per day).

Parents and homeschoolers have free access to the standard version of Studyladder that gives them access to the same resources that school's use.

The standard version has limited reporting and after a trial period restricts home access to 3 activities per day.

Parents can upgrade to unlimited premium access at anytime. Premium access gives parents detailed reporting and children unrestricted access to all subjects and grades. Click here for details.

Our school system is designed as a class based system and is not suitable for individual students. It is best if parents sign-up as either parents or homeschoolers so they can set work and monitor their children as individual students.

Homeschoolers can join for free for standard access that is similar to the school system and upgrade if they need more access later. Join here >>

The premium version of Studyladder allows students unlimited access to all subjects, all grades and all rewards areas. There are no restrictions. Parents receive access to upgraded reporting and results. Click here for details

Go to "Menu > Resources" to find what you need then click the set box to set the work for the selected student/class.

Go to our teacher resources page or our parent resources page to start.

When students login to set tasks they do not see completed tasks. There is a tick box showing hide completed tasks. If they have completed 40 of 100 tasks they will only see the remaining 60 tasks

If they untick hide completed they can view all set tasks and repeat any they have already completed

Our teachers have already arranged each subject in the correct learning order.

If no work is set for a student they are automatically guided through the course one activity at a time.

If you go to "Menu > Resources" as a parent or a teacher you can view students progress summary as a bar chart on each topic.

The color of the progress bar represents the student’s scores.

  • Red = 0-50% needs help
  • Amber = 50-79% need more practice
  • Light green = 80-99% doing well, but not mastered
  • Dark green = 100% mastered skill

A pod is like a folder where you can store a group of selected activities. You can use our pre-made Studyladder pods to save time OR you create your own custom pod (Mypod) by selecting the activities that you wish to put together. You can then set these pods for your class or for a smaller group of students. See our guide to setting pods.

See our guide to setting pods.

  1. Go to "Menu > Set Tasks"
  2. Go to an existing CUSTOM POD (Mypod) or CREATE NEW POD or COPY/EDIT an existing pod
  3. Then click on VIEW/EDIT
  4. Then click on ADD ACTIVITIES
  5. It will now take you to the RESOURCES section where you can add or remove any activities from your custom Mypod as you could before.

COMING SOON: Simply click on the STAR whenever you wish to save an activity into your favorite section for use later.

There are various reasons why your Username and Password may not work:


Student login is usually rock solid. The most likely error is typos, like 1, i, l, L, or 0 o which look the same. Check! The 1st 3 characters are usually letters and the rest are numbers


If the login page fails it would more likely be an issue with the secure https login page. It may mean that your network isn’t allowing you access to our secure login page. Try logging in directly on this webpage.


If you are still having trouble please send back this information

  1. Tell us what happens when you try to login?
  2. Can you click on the sign in button?
  3. Do you get an error message?
  4. What browser are you using?


To stay logged in your computer needs cookies and Javascript enabled. See this Google support page.

If you are a parent/teacher and you have forgotten your login details please click here and enter the email address that was used to register. You will be sent a password reset link. This should be received within 2 minutes. If it does not arrive please check your spam box. If the email is not there please email us back saying the reset email did not arrive.

If you are a student and have lost your login details, you should ask your teacher or parent for your access code (Sorry, but Studyladder cannot help students without their parent's/teacher’s permission).


You cannot login if you don't have cookies enabled. These are used to remember who you are as you move around our site. Here is more informoation on how to set cookies in different browsers. Just ignore any LOCKOUT warnings if you have tried our website too many times. Keep getting logged out ?

This page will tell you how to enable cookies as well as how to fix issues with them.

Even if you already have cookies enabled, third-party cookies need to be enabled as well for some Google settings (for example, the SafeSearch lock) to work. The default setting in Safari is to not allow third-party cookies, but following the steps above sets Safari to allow them.

Please login and go to "Menu > Settings" to add a 2nd email address for us to use to help you.

If you wish us to add a 2nd email address for you, please email us from your original email address asking us to add your 2nd email address.

Log into your account and click on "Menu > Account Settings".

Yes. Over 90% of Studyladder student activities work on iPads and other portable devices.

Less than 10% of Studyladder’s activities are now Adobe Flash based. These older ‘flash’ activities will all be replaced eventually. Many portable devices such as phones and tablets do not have the software to run Adobe Flash.

In the TOP RIGHT menu bar is a MUTE SOUND icon. Please make sure this is enabled. If you have poor quality bandwidth our system automatically turns off the sound.

It is important that students go right to the end of the activity. Results will not save until they get to the end. They will know when they get to the end because it will show them a report of how many they got correct. It will also tell them if their results saved correctly.

Please try yourself with one of the students who says it doesn't work and make sure that they are ending the tasks completely. Once they see the report at the end then that indicates that it has been marked and the scores are sent to us.

If you do discover it is just one activity that does not save then please send us the Name and URL of that activity so we can check it out.

If you are still having problems with your computer, you may wish to try using this free program below to clean your hard drive of any unwanted files:

  1. Go to
  2. Download the latest version and run the cleaner in the default mode
  3. Press the "Analyse" button (This will list any unwanted junk on your computer)
  4. Press "Run Cleaner" (This will remove the junk listed)
  5. Close program.

After you have run the program and it has completed the cleaning cycle, Login to studyladder again and see if the problem has been rectified. Please let us know if it still doesn't work. (We may have to try the other actions on ccleaner eg the registry cleaner).

Please note that when you try to open a video, you will see in the top left of the video a download link. If the video will not play on your browser you can use this link to download the complete video to your computer to play from that link. This is a temporary fix while you provide the information below so that we can help to get them working on your browser.

It could be poor bandwidth that is not allowing videos to load. Here are some tests that you can perform.

  1. Can you send a screen shot of it, or is the whole computer frozen?
  2. If you can't send a screen shot can you paste the URL or tell us the account the issue is in (Student/Teacher)?
  3. Does this video run ok?
  4. Do both of these run ok? (video 1 and video 2)
  5. Have you ever been able to run our videos? If yes how long ago roughly did you last see a video working?

    Can you access the webpage below and send us back a copy of the 8 lines of text? This will tell us what browser you are using.

    • Either click on this link or cut and paste it into your browser ( ).
    • Please cut and paste what you see in the page and email it back to us.
    • Note: If you are unsure on how to cut and paste the text, you highlight the text with your mouse and then hold down the CTRL and C key at the same time, this copies the text. Then you place the cursor on this email and the use the CTRL and V key at the same time to paste the text.

Once you have tried all this for us, you may like to try downloading the Google chrome browser from Google and try using that.

If this works ok please still provide us with the information requested above on your original browser so we can help you get that working as well.

Try our list of solutions.

Send the URL (web address) of the activity that has the problem. Please detail exactly what is wrong and what happens and we will investigate the issue. Please try to include a screenshot of the problem.

Send the URL (web address) of the activity that has the problem. Please detail exactly what is wrong and what happens and we will investigate the issue. Please try to include a screenshot of the problem.

We need to know what browser you are using so that we can perform testing relevant to your browser. Please click on the link below and send us back a copy of what you see. Either click on this link or cut and paste it into your browser ( ).

You should see about 8 rows of text. Please cut and paste what you see in the page and email it back to us.

The Google Chrome browser seems to work best. Please try downloading this and see if you still have the same problems.

The best way any parent can help is to take an interest in their child’s education. Studyladder allows parents to join for free and receive free news updates on their child’s progress.

Studyladder has a certificate system based on the number of correct answers a child has completed. Each time the student earns a certificate it is emailed to the parent to print and give to their child.

Parents are able to go to "Menu > Resources" and set specific work for a child if they need help in a specific area.

Parents can upgrade to the premium version to give their child unlimited access to all subjects, grades and rewards areas. (The free standard version restricts daily access. Click here to upgrade.)

To join for free as a parent go to Join Now or click here. No payment is needed. You can then add your children or link to any existing accounts if they are already using Studyladder at school.

The free parent account allows you to receive news on their progress and print their certificates.

If you join as a parent you can gain access to the same resources that teachers do. You would only join as a teacher if you wanted to list many students as a class. The parent system allows you to list children independently whereas teachers need to list students in classes.

Teachers also need to select the school that they work at and their details may be shared with some other staff members at that school (eg Principals and administrators).

We notice that many teachers who use Studyladder create a parent account using a 2nd email to use with their own children.

Studyladder does not receive government funding, does not allow 3rd party advertising and can only continue thanks to those who upgrade to premium access.

The standard version of Studyladder is free but does restrict access (eg daily limits apply, parts of the site are restricted etc).

Premium access costs less each week than one cup of coffee.

Premium access gives your child unlimited access to all subjects and rewards.

Click here to upgrade.

  • Premium access gives parent’s improved reporting and results
  • Premium access allows parents to access any of our resources
  • Premium access gives access to all NAPLAN activities
  • Premium access opens all rewards areas
  • Premium access gives students unlimited access to all subjects and grades
  • Premium access gives your child unlimited access to all areas of Studyladder
Click here to upgrade.

  • Login as a parent and click on "Menu > Add Student"
  • If they have existing school accounts you can link to this account and access its details.

Teachers are able to lock students to set tasks during school hours.

These should turn off after 3.30pm each day when your child is at home (unless the teacher has set different school hours).

If you have a premium account you can turn off the lock at anytme so your child can access any part of the site.

Studyladder is a free resource for teachers to use. You first need to join as a teacher via this link.

When you join as a teacher you will need to choose the school you currently work at. If you cannot find your school please click on the ADD YOUR SCHOOL link on the right hand side of the screen (Add school).

Just go to "Menu > Change Schools" to enter your new details.

Set yourself up at one of your schools. You can use SL at both schools. You will not be able to share access at the school you are not linked to.

Go to "Menu > School Overview" to see the current details for your school. (Name, school hours, terms etc)

The school details can be edited by any staff member with admin access .

Studyladder admin access allows a staff member to edit any of the school settings and to help other teachers at that same school. The Principal can email Studyladder authorising any staff member to have admin access. (The email from the Principal will need to come from their official school email address)

To add a new class, you can follow these steps below

  • See our getting started guide.
  • Click on "Menu > Add Class"
  • Copy & paste the student list or type in one name per line
  • Once you have finished entering the student names and class details, click on 'Create Class' and then print passwords.
  • Print two copies, one to cut up for your students and one to keep as a record. Then print letter home for parents.

The school details can be edited by any staff member with admin access.

Studyladder admin access allows a staff member to edit any of the school settings and to help other teachers at that same school. The Principal can email Studyladder authorising any staff member to have admin access. (The email from the Principal will need to come from their official school email address)

Since the students listed are younger students who need their parents or teachers to register them, we need to show teachers and parents the students passwords. We use auto-generated usernames and preset passwords so we never record any details that could be used on other sites.

For parents and teachers where passwords do not need to be seen we have a fully encrypted system where details can never be displayed. Adults who join are able to choose whatever password and username they wish.

See our getting started guide.

The first 3 letters of the username are created from each child's first name which may be bit of a clue for them, and the passwords are just simple words.

These new codes enable children to keep their profile in future years so they don't lose them when they change classes.

New easy login: To help teachers who have students who cannot login using their usernames, we now have a system where students can login by clicking on their name on the class roll.

If you add the class easy login link to any computer or desktop then the students can click on their class icon. They are taken directly to the class roll without needing any username or password.

When setting up your class roll you can choose either open access (no passwords needed for younger ones) or passwords so students cannot get into each others accounts. All the student needs to remember is their simple password (e.g. cat, dog, red... etc.)

The short-cut links and open access are great for very young students where it is hard for them to remember codes. They still have their personal codes for their parents to help them access Studyladder at home.

To set up easy logins links go to "Menu > Manage Classes" and then click on "Edit Class > Easy Logins"

See our getting started guide.

  • Go to "Menu > Manage Classes" then click on archive class.
  • The class will be archived but still listed at the bottom of the page. You can un-archive a class if you have archived it by mistake.
  • If you are sure you will never need to access a class again and you wish to permanently delete the class and the students from your account then go back the bottom of the manage class page and click on the delete key next to the archive class.

There are three ways you can give students access at the start of the year. You need to be a staff member with admin access to use these tools. To get admin rights to all students we at Studyladder need an email from the Principal nominating which staff members can have Studyladder admin rights.

  1. Create new accounts for every student. (The easiest option but loses students work history.)

    • You just need to go to add class and create new classes.
    • Students can click on "Menu > Recover Points" to retrieve previous rewards and points which keeps students happy (Note that no past work history is retained).

  2. Transfer a selection of students to new classes using view students (The most popular tool and keeps students past accounts intact.)

    It also allows you to recover archived classes.

    You can view all students and then select past groups.

    You can then transfer any of these across to their new classes.

    Students all keep their logins, work history and rewards.

    • Go to "Menu > Add classes"
    • Create a class name for each of your new classes (we recommend you name class with the year in front to save confusion when transferring students , eg Room 15 , or Grade 2
    • To be safe, create a temporary class called, for example, " Temporary" to use for old student accounts you will not need this year. Later this group can be archived once you are sure you do not need them.
    • Go to "Menu > View Students"
    • Click on include entire school as well as include archived
    • This will list all past and present students
    • Select one class at a time via drop box and transfer students to their new class using tick boxes on the right

  3. Rollover tool (Most difficult to use. Option #2 is the most popular).

    This has the most features but does not show you archived classes and can be more difficult to master. It’s best to do the complete school rollover in one session as it will lock down other teachers access to classes while you are using this tool.

    • This tool allows you to add teachers, set grades, create classes, transfer students all at once
    • The main problem is if teachers have archived their classes this method will not show those students (method #2 above allows you to view archived classes)
    • This tool stops other teachers editing classes while you are using it
    • We recommend option #2 "View Student" tool as the simpler method to transfer students to their new classes (see details above).
    • By the end of this process you will have moved all the students you want into their new year class groups (e.g. ). These will all appear in you admin. You can leave them there and either share access with other teachers or you can transfer each class to their correct teacher

Log-in, click on "Menu > Manage Classes", then click on the Edit Class link, then click on Add Students.

See our getting started guide.

Login and go to Menu > All Resources.

Once you drill into the topic or grade you want you can choose the class or student group you wish to set work for.

Simply tick the set box to set the tasks you want for the student group that you have selected

You can see all the tasks you have set for a class or a group of students by going to "Menu > Set Tasks".

To remove any set tasks, just go to "Menu > Set Tasks" and untick those that you wish to remove.

If you wish to create a custom group of tasks and not use our preset groups you need to either edit/copy our existing pods or go to "Menu > Set Tasks" and create your own pod (Mypod).

Then go to edit/view your own Mypod and click the Add Activities button to choose the tasks you wish to set.

To create your own custom list of tasks (Mypod), see this guide.

We have created a grouping tool to allow teachers to split a class into smaller groups. This enables teachers to set tasks for individuals or groups of students. For example you could split your students into groups such as "Advanced Reading", "Remedial Numeracy". Each student can be placed in several groups.

Follow the steps below to create groups within a class:

  • Click on the menu button on the top right corner
  • Click on 'edit groups'
  • Click on the blue button 'Add new group'
  • Select the class you wish to create the group from and then create a new group
  • Select which students you wish to add to this new group and click 'save changes'
  • Once you’ve created groups, they will appear on your ‘set tasks’ (pods) page where you will be able to set specific tasks for that particular group
  • See our Groups help guide.

If you have no tasks set by your parent or teacher, start by:

  1. Choosing a subject
  2. Work on the activities from the top and work your way down.
  3. Make sure all the smiley faces turn green.
  4. If you are finding it too difficult or too easy, simply use the drop box to change to the next grade.

  1. Click on a subject e.g. Mathematics.
  2. Click on the rows to select activities. The best way is to start from the top and work your way down the activities.
  3. To change how difficult the activities are you can select different grade levels.

The activities set by your parent or teacher will appear on your homepage, which is called ‘Overview’. This is the first page you see when you sign into Studyladder.

Sorry, your username cannot be changed and only your teacher or parent can change your password.

Only a parent can upgrade your account. Please talk with your parent about getting full home access. They will need to sign up as a parent first.

Please ask your parent or teacher to help. They may need to report the problem to Studyladder.

The holiday games are only open during school holidays.

Your Pet Alien requires energy to grow (1 Alien year = 7 energy biscuits). To gain more energy biscuits you must login everyday. You can only earn one biscuit each day so the fastest you can earn 7 biscuits is in 7 days. To achieve this you need to login and do a new activity each day.

The more times you login and access lessons the faster your Pet Alien grows.

You must earn 'Energy Biscuits' to feed the Alien in order for it to grow older. Each day you log into Studyladder and complete an activity you earn 'One energy biscuit'.

You can only earn one biscuit each day so the fastest you can earn 7 biscuits is in 7 days. To achieve this you need to login and do a new activity each day.

For the Alien to turn 1 year older it must have 7 biscuits. For example: If the alien ate 21 biscuits (21 daily logins) = the Alien will reach 3 years of age.

Click on the ‘edit’ button found next to your Avatar. You can now change the Avatar from a boy or girl. Click on the different categories to choose different features to change on your Avatar. When you are finished click on ‘save my character’.

Only full access members can unlock the extra features for Avatars. You need your parent to join in order to do this.

The fastest way to earn points to work through the course in the correct order. You also earn BONUS spending points when you work from home after school or on the weekends.

If you keep playing the same game over and over our system will detect this and stop allocating points. It is best to move onto the next activity once you get 10/10.

Only full access members can unlock the extra features for the rewards rooms. You need your parent to join in order to do this.

You need your parent to join in order to do open the extra reward rooms.

You must have full access to buy the key to unlock the treasure chest in the rewards room. You need your parent to join in order to do this.

The key can be found in the rewards room shop. However, only full access members can buy the key for the treasure chest. You need your parent to join in order to do this.