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“You guys are fantastic. I definitely find myself taking for granted all the awesome online and printable resources available for both individual student and whole class use. Just a quick message to say it is much appreciated, and I'm sure there any lots of different teachers around the country who feel the same.”

Richard Goodson, teacher

“Studyladder is absolutely fantastic. I recommend it to anyone who wants to listen and even those who don't want to listen.”

Adrianne Harding, Teacher

“Our staff rely heavily on your site. I do not believe there is a better site of its kind in the world. ”

David Stansfield, Teacher

“Thank you for the opportunity again for providing my class homework digitally. I highly recommend Studyladder to all my new teachers and professional colleagues. Studyladder provides great and challenging activities in numeracy and literacy and it allows my students to access their homework from home which is a bonus. I am able to follow all my students and check regularly on those who need extra support.”

Nick S, Teacher

“Studyladder performs miracles. You are my secret weapon, when it comes to the dreaded - fear of mathematics. I can't tell you how many kids that I teach find math a whole lot easier, because of the way you have them do it. Their confidence shoots way up, and they believe that they CAN do it. That's more than half the battle, as you know. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Arlene Arp, Teacher, Tutor, Homeschooler

“I absolutely love this site! My class love it, too! The interactive practice they get with what we are already manipulating in class is awesome. I will keep spreading the word! :)”

Tracy Duncan, Oklahoma, United States, Teacher

“This is the most impressive website known to Teacher-Kind!!! It just gets better and better! Thank you for all the hard work you put in to make my life as a teacher easier! The kids love it too!”

Maria Vuksan-Cusa, Samson Primary School, Teacher

“The fact that Studyladder has been the fastest growing educational site on the internet is now only a sign of your quality and passion to help children succeed by motivating and fun activities! ”

Magnar Totland, Parent

“I love using studyladder in my class. the students love working hard to get rewards. I love it because it is marked and very easy to monitor student progress. A fantastic online resource”

Tim Leuenberger, Teacher

“You have the most amazing program and everybody loves it. Mathematics has finally become interesting and lots of fun. All the children's results have been in the high 90%'s at their end of year exams and it's definitely due to your program.”

Chris Rayment, Principal

“The kids are addicted to using your site, we are having to limit the amount of time they spend on study ladder so they can go out and play.”

David Abela, Parent

“My children love it - even my 2 year old is counting in French, my seven year old has declared it better than other programs he uses and my 5 year old is learning so much she declares she likes it to :-)”

Arabella Fraser, Parent

“This is by far the best math website I have ever visited. As a teacher,I believe in sharing wonderful ideas at no cost. We are here to educate our children, and that is exactly what you all have done with this site.”

Deanna C, Teacher

“I'm looking forward to another amazing year using your awesome site which my students love.”

Patricia Brajkovich , Teacher

“FANTASTIC LEARNING SITE! It is easy to incorporate and strengthen what we are already learning in class and to help teach new concepts. You are more than welcome to use my comments! My kids love it!”

Traci Willis, Spickard, Missouri, United States, Teacher

“Thanks for reducing my stress!. I have had children improve greatly in their reading results! One child with an inch thick behaviour folder....was turned around, with the "studyladder carrot". His reading level has improved over 2 years and he is no longer being below his chronological age! ”

Fiona Cole, Teacher

“I am one of your biggest supporters and recommend Studyladder to everyone I know who is involved in teaching.”

Christine Skrzypko, St Andrew's School, Teacher

“What a brilliant site you have!!! I love it, especially as it saves me hours and hours of hard work.... Others who haven't found your site yet don't know what they are missing! ”

Patricia Celikbilek, Laindon Park School, Teacher

“Great resources and very easy to use website. My students LOVE working on the site and are very motivated by the reward system. I already tell every teacher I meet about your website!! ”

Jo Davies, Swaythling School, Teacher

“This website is brilliant! Never seen anything like it! It is fantastic for classroom and home use as revision. The kids love it! ”

Lucy M, Teacher

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are a homeschooling family with special needs. It is the only program that is really helping my children. ”

Naomi O, Homeschool

“Thank you so much for this website & the reports. My daughter loves going on "the program" & she has told me her teacher is very impressed with her improvement. It is quite frankly the best money I have ever spent on my child. I really cannot thank you enough for providing this, it really is brilliant. Thank you from a very very happy parent.”

Vanessa Wills, Parent

“I am devoted to your program. As a teacher I LOVE IT. So do my class, children who previously forgot to do their homework now love doing their homework on their home computer.”

Lisa Rothwell, Laggan Public School, Teacher

“I can’t thank the team enough at Study Ladder enough. Your amazing application is so useful. I only have direct teaching time with a class two days a week and I always try to use ICT to integrate curriculum content wherever possible. Not having to hunt around to find top quality, value adding materials that works across a variety of platforms is such a time saver. Over the course of this year I will be assisting other teachers to integrate ICT into their teaching. Study Ladder is in my top 3 applications I like to show them. Many, many thanks to the team.”

Richard Hill, Teacher

“Hi Study Ladder Team, I would like to congratulate you on an excellent program. It was only this year that I discovered your site as I have just returned to the classroom following a 3 year secondment as one of a team of 15 Regional Managers of Science in Qld. My Year 3 students are enjoying completing the tasks during school time as well as for homework. The point system is certainly a positive incentive along with the ability to contact them with a personalised message. I find being able to see their progress extremely helpful in knowing their needs. Thank-you for making this resource free. In this day and age, with so many parents struggling to keep their heads above water with regards to finances, having this as a free resource helps enormously. Keep up the great work.”

Susan Kennedy Smith, Marshall Road State School, Teacher

“Your program for me as a teacher and as an assistant principal and for my 150 stage 3 school kids is fantastic. Thank you so so so much. Your program is helping so many students. I have many online maths programs from around the world. Studyladder is by far the best. Congrats!!!”

John Gallagher, Teacher

“As a former teacher and now a home-schooling Mum, I am so pleased to have found Studyladder! My daughter has no idea that she is doing "school" and is asking to do it in her spare time!! She is really motivated by the rewards rooms. It has given her some independence in her work (and me some spare time!). Thank you so much! ”

Susan Booth, Homeschool

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!! Love all the activities, worksheets, communication, results etc. The videos are awesome!!!! I am one happy teacher. Thanks for saving me so much time!”

Maria Vuksan-Cusa, Teacher

“Hi, I just wanted to let you know that at present I am sitting in the computer room with a class of 30 students. There is not a sound coming from any of them. They are all on task, learning and enjoying their work. Thumbs up for such a fantastic program. I don't need to advertise that they can go on-line at home if they join. They want to ! The parents are really impressed too. I have been inservicing the rest of the staff in how to use your site and they are hooked too.This must be the best on-line site around.”

Dagmar Preusker, Teacher

“This website is simply BRILLIANT! I've been using it for 5 minutes and I'm already stunned at how awesome these resources are. I just wish I knew about this earlier! Keep up the fantastic work!”

Jason, Teacher