Quality teaching resources

Free for all schools

Studyladder is 100% free and unrestricted for schools to use during school hours.
Up to three activities can be completed out of school hours.

Online education for all grades

Studyladder is a curriculum based learning program for teachers to use with their students.

  • Mathematics, English and Science Literacy
  • Motivate and engage students
  • Celebrating achievements
  • Whole class games and quizzes
  • Works on all devices

Supporting teachers

Since 2009, Studyladder has been with you, supporting teachers in over 100 countries.

  • Tools for differentiating learning
  • Individual, group and whole class task setting
  • Diagnostic tools and reporting
  • Real time assessment and reporting
  • Accounts managed and owned by teachers

Interactive Classroom

Virtual classroom is a powerful teaching tool. It provides teachers with instant feedback.
Find out which students need help when they need it most!

Assessment and reporting

Helps with school-based assessment and reporting

  • Access to instant reporting
  • Individual reports on student performance
  • Whole class overviews
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Tools that show students responses

How does a school account work?

Follow the simple steps below:

1. Create a teacher account and link to your school

2. Create a class list to receive individual student passwords

3. Set tasks for individual students, groups of students or an entire class