Common Help Requests

Below are a list of common help requests.
Please try the solutions below before requesting further assistance

How to reset your parent or teacher password

Passwords are confidential:

To reset your password;

Click the login button below. Then 'forgot password'.

Once you reset your password you will have access to the account.


Trouble logging into student account

Step 1: If your child's password is not working double check the letter L, Letter I and the Number 1 - these often get confused.

Step 2: Try logging in with a different browser. We recommend Google Chrome.

Step 3: If your child's account was setup by their teacher - you will need to ask the teacher for the password.

Verification emails

Step 1: These will sometimes go to junk or spam - please try checking there first.

Step 2: Email: with 'verify' as the subject line - this will verify your account

Child linked to another account

If your child’s account is linked to another parent account, to protect your child’s security we cannot unlink them

To link this account to yours.

Step 1: The other account holder needs to log into their account and ‘archive’ the student (from the menu in the child’s details box).

Step 2: You can then log into your account and link the child.

Link a student guide