Free School Upgrade

Receive FREE UNLIMITED access
to any tasks you set for the rest of 2022*.

(Includes home and school use)

For the 2022 school year, Studyladder is allowing unlimited set task activities for students after school hours, when the teacher has set the activities via their teacher account.

Of course, this is in addition to our normal unlimited activities during school hours 9am-3:30pm / Monday to Friday.

*This access is available to all classes listed on your homepage.
Classes must be created before the end of March 2022

How to access unlimited set tasks:

1. Create a class on your teacher account and issue the usernames and passwords to your students (remember to keep passwords confidential)
2. Set activities for your students as usual.
3. Let your students know they can log on at home and complete their homework from the ‘My Program’ area of their student account.