School Use

Small annual administration charge for schools

Studyladder is unrestricted during school hours (9am to 3:30pm - including from home)

Homework access for students to complete three daily activities.

Some schools choose to upgrade to 24/7 use of the site for their students. Contact us for a price.

How to prepare

  1. 1. Make sure you have created a teacher account
  2. 2. Setup your classes and create groups as required
  3. 3. Ensure students have their usernames and passwords and that parents have been given these details
  4. 4. Assign tasks for your students - you could assign these as learning pods for each day
  5. 5. Send a message to your class. You can update this message as often as desired
  6. 6. Encourage parents to create free parent accounts, print certificates and view results

Useful resources for home study

  1. Reading Foundations - all the basics for reading comprehension
  2. Rapid Recall - get students up to speed on their numeracy skills
  3. Printables - download and email to your students
  4. Teaching packs - a great way to assign activities all related to one subject area

Teacher Accounts

For Schools Teachers
Small annual fee for schools
Teacher portal management
Individual student accounts
Mathematics, English and Science
All ability levels (K-6)
Curriculum aligned resources
Interactive lessons
Teaching packs
Whiteboard compatible
Stimulus teaching materials
Exam practice
Instructional videos
Individual lesson reports
Student progress reporting
Limited rewards and avatars
Unlimited access in school hours
Three homework activities per day
Sign up now

Usernames and passwords

Click on the "Print passwords" button next to the class you wish to access login details

The PDF will look similar to the one below - print, cut out and give each student their login slip.

Setup Pods for each day

To plan for multiple weeks - create pods for each day and then assign them every morning.

Message Students

Click on the "Communicate" button next to the class you wish to send a message

Create a message for either the whole class or individuals

Note that there is only ever one message at a time to any student.

Ask parents to create a Free Parent account.

Email or print this guide and send to parents

  • Gives parents oversight of their child’s progress – with a weekly email showing student's results.
  • Ensures that parents have access to make changes to a students account if required. If a parent account is not linked we cannot make changes on your behalf.
  • Ensures parents are aware of our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Need help or advice

Send us and email and we will respond as soon as possible.

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