Mathethon Information For Teachers

The Study Ladder Mathethon is a fundraising maths event for any school to use.

  • The event is entirely managed within the school.
  • All money raised goes to the school.

Aim for the students:

To answer as many questions as possible in 2 minutes. Leading up to the event students practise online or using printed offline worksheets. The students are sponsored by friends and family per "correct answer" on a sponsorship form provided by the school.

How to practise:

The students practise for the event at school or at home. They can do so online or by using offline worksheets provided here and run off by the teacher (usually for children with no Internet access at home). Resources for online practise and worksheets with direct home access are provided. No log in or registration is required for childrens mathethon activities.

Skills for each grade:

Prep/Rec/K: Counting dot patterns.
Year 1 & 2: Adding single digit numbers.
Year 3 & 4: Times tables.
Year 5 & 6: Times tables 5x - 12x.
Advanced: Short multiplication by numbers 2-5.


Your school can run the mathethon at any time. Simply choose a time to start the process (see Time Line below) and a date to hold the actual Mathethon.

Sample Time Line:

1: First Day:

Explain the mathethon to your students, send a note home with the sponsorship form.

2: Next 3 weeks (approx):

Allow students time to practise at home and at school, while also gaining sponsors.

3: Mathethon Finals Week:

Choose a week to hold the event this may coincide with "Maths week" , "Numeracy week" or could be "any week" to promote maths awareness at your school.

  1. Students return their sponsorship forms to their teachers.
  2. The mathethon is held. Each student completes the 2 minute online task then their teacher writes their score on their completed sponsorship form.
  3. Students then take their forms home to collect the money.
  4. Students return their money to the school.
  5. Certificates: It is recommended that students receive a participation certificate for completing the mathethon. Top students from each class may also receive a special certificate.

Tips and Ideas to promote the mathethon:

The more the mathethon is promoted the better results for the school!

  • Discuss at morning assembly.
  • Set up an in class 'beat the teacher' competition during the practise phase. Who can beat the teacher's best score?
  • Set up a challenge where top students compete in front of the rest of the school.
  • Remind parents and children throughout the practise period with a countdown eg "ONE WEEK TO GO!"